On this page you can view the Naruto Zone Staff. This can be from the Blog, Forum, and Wiki. The Admins are the highest ranked part of the staff team. Here is the staff.

Admins: (Color=Red)

NarutoAdmin/Admin- Forum Founder, Wiki Founder, Blog Founder.

Wiki Moderators: (Color=Orange)

(None At The Moment)

Wiki Builders: (Color=Blue)

(None At The Moment)

Forum Moderators: (Color=Orange)

(None At The Moment)

Forum Global Moderators: (Color=Green)

(None At The Moment)

Thats Is The Staff, If you dont know what they do and what there jobs are view below to see what each group does.

Admins- The admins are the highest ranked group, They usaully do full moderation, manage users and activities, Manage the look and images on a forum,wiki,blog. The admins also can Ban users via "IP".

Wiki Moderators- The Wiki Moderators make sure that no one is abusing the "Edit" feature. They also make sure knowbody is using copyrighted material on the wiki. They try there best to fix everything if this happens. If it comes to the point where users are abusing a certain articles "Edit" the admins will then lock it from being edited.

Wiki Builders- The wiki builders are just like normal members just they provide the wiki with exelent material. They usaully are daily members and edit to there best.

Forum Moderators- The forum moderators are a very respected part of the staff, They moderate the forum by making sure everyone follows the rules. The usaully only moderate a couple forums. And then they usaully get promoted at a certain point in time if they show outstanding moderation.

Forum Global Moderators- The forum global moderators have full acess to the forums boards, they can edit profiles and moderate every forum. The global mods are the upper level to the normal moderators.

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